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About Us

Locovore is a snack and beverage delivery concierge service in the San Francisco Bay Area. We source locally from farmer’s markets and artisans in the community to provide offices with the freshest and highest quality options available. Our goal is to support local food artisans by stocking their products in as many offices in the City.

Know Your Artisans

Why should your office go LoCo?

Your kitchen will be stocked with the tastiest, healthiest local food around

We deliver the deliciousness of the Bay to your office. Freshness guarantees the ultimate in happiness, productivity, and curing the Monday blues.

You will be supporting local
businesses and the economy

By choosing to support local artisans, you help them make a living. They are able to continue to live and thrive in the city. Giving back is a win, but reinvesting and stimulating employment within our community is a win-win for everyone!

Join the Local Food Movement

The local food movement is all about connecting local food producers to local food consumers in the same geographical region. This helps create resilient food networks, healthier choices, and an improved society where we can all live and work together.

Our Products

how we work

Customized for your office’s needs

Your own personal Locovore Foodie Concierge will make a weekly scheduled visit to replenish, sample, and monitor inventory.

No wasted food

Our years of experience in logistics, delivery, fulfillment, and food consulting is second to none. Your office will never go hangry. We identify each offices’ specific needs and work to avoid overstocking by delivering food people actually want to eat.

Everyone is taken into consideration

We have options available to suit your employees dietary requirements and can customize your weekly snack and beverage selection. This includes gluten free, paleo, raw, vegan, vegetarian and organic items.

On average our snacks come from only 10 miles away

Has your office gone LoCo?

"This jerky is the reason I work here."

"Thank you for all of the healthy vegetarian options!"

"I really look forward to seeing you guys every Monday morning."

We proudly serve

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Let's work together to keep local culture alive, one bag at a time!

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